Christian Perfection and Deeper Things

Christian Perfection and Deeper Things

William B. Godbey
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“After the real spiritual blessing of entire sanctification, we find vast territory in the realm of mentality stretching out before us, yet unexplored.”

Christian Perfection and Deeper Things is a compilation of two separate (but related) books by the much-loved W.B. Godbey (Godbey on Christian Experience; Salvation and Glory; Victory). 

In his hallmark high-energy style, he lays out the specifics of sanctification in Christian Perfection— what it will do, and what it won’t. He continuously drives home the simplicity of obtaining the blessing: consecrate everything, believe the altar sanctifies the gift, then trust Jesus to do it and every moment to keep you pure. He illuminates the difficult passages of Romans 6 and 7, and goes on to establish the blessing in the epistles of each apostle.

In the extremely rare Deeper Things he moves on beyond the actual occurrence of sanctification to urge a victorious moment-by-moment cleansing for the rest of life.  Holding to the Wesleyan doctrine of progress up to the moment of sanctification, then continued progress thereafter, he observes that failure initiates in thoughts of the heart, though such thoughts are not even acted upon: “If we do not conquer these surviving Canaanites, they will be very likely to lasso us and again bring us into bondage.” He positively asserts that bringing into captivity every thought is the way to preserve and prosper spiritually; it wages an exterminating war and defeats the tempter’s assaults before actual disobedience occurs. Rather than being the end, he joyfully proclaims that sanctification is the beginning of real and true progress throughout life and destined to “sweep on through all eternity.”

“Constant progress pursuant to the ‘deep things of God’ is the only guarantee against leakage, defection and fatal collapse.” Item #:6475; 174 pages.


This Schmul Publishing Co. edition is not a scanned facsimile of a used book. It has not been “updated” or edited into modern English, punctuation or grammar, but is accurate to the author’s own style and usage. The text has been carefully proofread for accuracy and formatted for easier reading by today’s readers. Every effort has been made to prevent disordered text.

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