Tuning the Musician's Heart - Vol. 2 (Jul - Dec)

Tuning the Musician's Heart - Vol. 2 (Jul - Dec)

G. Wolfe
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The latest offering from Garen L. Wolf is unique on the shelves of devotional literature. On the face of it, the two-volume Tuning the Musician’s Heart is aimed at providing daily devotional guides to those ministering in sacred melody. But it is much more. The author employs his extensive knowledge of the original meanings of ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek musical terms to address the role of music in worship and its biblical roots. His observations for October 19 splendidly illuminate the predicament faced by many music leaders—to provide a worship experience that is relevant to today’s worshiper while maintaining sacredness with integrity. (That entry alone is worth the price of the book.) He provides rare insight into the spiritual motivations of the great musicians of the Bible— such as the Psalmist David and the temple musicians— along with Paul’s admonitions for the use of song in the Early Church. He skillfully reduces his concepts into common English and enlarges the borders to include everyday life for Christians in general. Even readers whose extent of music making extends no further than joining in congregational singing and listening to recorded instrumentals will find much to appreciate here. This volume makes a great gift idea for local congregational music makers, and high school and college students who are serious, not only about their music education, but also their walk with God and serving him with their God-given talent. Item: 636X; 260 pages (Trade Paperback)

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