Autobiography of J.A. Wood

Autobiography of J.A. Wood

John Allen Wood
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John Allen Wood (1828-1905) gave his heart to the Lord when he was but ten years old. Though he eventually knew he was called to the ministry, many in the church did not share this conviction, and at first did not grant him a license to preach.  Nevertheless, from his first sermon delivered in a Vermont church that had no pastor at the time, his ministry grew and deepened until he became a preacher of great power. Though he resisted the teaching of entire sanctification for the first nine years of his ministry, he was at last won over by the exemplary lives of sanctified parishioners. He received the Second Blessing in the tenth year of his ministry, at a New York campmeeting. This life-changing event indelibly stamped all his later ministry, making him an unswerving voice for the doctrine and experience of Perfect Love. He became the prime mover in the founding of The National Holiness Association, and his ministry took him around the world as one of the foremost heralds of Christian perfection. When he announced his call to the ministry as a young man, his mother had warned him he would “carry an empty pocket and live from hand to mouth.” But during the course of a ministry that saw thousands saved and sanctified, the sales of just one of his books, Perfect Love, built and paid for a beautiful house and property in southern California, from where he passed through the Gates of Pearl on July 7, 1905.  #5339/100 pages    $10.99

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