Clarke's Christian Theology

Clarke's Christian Theology

Dr. Adam Clarke, M.A., LL.D.
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This book is a handy reference work for the earnest student after God and the things of the Spirit. The index makes it natural for the perplexed seeker after truth to find the needed help quickly. Too long people have struggled along without recourse to the best of the old authorities. Anyone can afford the modest price of this volume, and they will find it much easier to use than the authorís full set of Commentaries. A practical book of theology with a wide range of topics, including the Attributes of God; the Trinity; Man; Christ; Justification; Regeneration; the Holy Spirit; Entire Sanctification; Public Worship; Praise; the Christian Church; Baptism (including infant baptism); the Lordís Supper; Husband and Wife; Children; Masters and Servants; Angels; Ministers; Afflictions; Heaven; Hell; Tobacco; Dancing; Unpardonable Sin; Sunday School; much more. Also includes a brief biography of the author. Item #:2615; 440 pages. Trade paperback.

This is a facsimile reprint of an important book that, due to the age of the original printing, may contain uneven lines, broken type, or other imperfections.

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