Fruit Unto Holiness

Fruit Unto Holiness

Dr. Dale M. Yocum
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Fruit Unto Holiness: A Study of Romans Six, Seven, Eight and Nine

By Dale M. Yocum, Ph.D.

An exposition of entire salvation as found in Romans chapters six, seven, eight and nine.

1. The attainment is the gift of God just as the entrance into the Christian life, the conversion, is His work;
2. The entrance into this larger experience is instantaneous; that is, it is given in a moment and can be dated;
3. There is a process of struggle and quest leading to the decisive moment; and

4. There is a full consciousness of the need for progress of love and growth in the spiritual life.

This volumne clearly illustrates these four points. One will find fresh interpretations and deep understanding of the experience. As this book testifies, the doctrine of entire sanctification does not rest upon one or two overworked texts rigidly enforced. Rather, it is the full and final expression of the work of God in the soul of man as set forth in Scriptures and verified in the humble testimony of a multitude of believers. Item #:2577; 210 pages.  Trade paperback.

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