Autobiography of Peter Cartwright

Autobiography of Peter Cartwright

Peter Cartwright
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In his autobiography, Early American circuit rider Peter Cartwright shines a bright light on the development of the frontier and the circuit riders who served its rough-and-tumble people. As a sixteen-year-old Kentucky boy, he finds salvation at one of the earliest campmeetings that follow the storied Cane Ridge Camp. He is soon riding and preaching as a Methodist circuit rider. Ordained by Francis Asbury himself, he plays no small part in the tremendous advance of the cause of Christ in the early days of America. Frequently threatened with a thrashing, he often leads his opponents to faith in Christ. In the freewheeling years of the frontier he is several times menaced with a horsewhipping (from which he never quails) or mob violence (which he puts to flight more than once). On one occasion he providentially finds a loaded pistol in the wilderness road on his way to General Conference, and just hours later uses it to put a highwayman to flight. His quick wit stands him in good stead in confronting Shakerism, Calvinism, and a face-to-face confrontation with Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. His involvement in politics even pits him against an Illinois lawyer named Lincoln. A strong advocate against slavery, he insists the best way to resolve the issue is through persuasion and is successful in convincing many slaveholders to set their slaves free. Writing this book in 1856, he forewarns that the obstinacy of slaveholders and the shrill demands of abolitionists will result in the violent rending of the country. The Autobiography of Peter Cartwright, A Backwoods Preacher is an eyewitness account of earthshaking events that reverberate in both the spiritual and material worlds in which he faithfully does his part to advance the Church from a few hundred struggling homesteaders to hundreds of thousands of redeemed souls. Pages: 472; Code: 6416


This Schmul Publishing Co. edition is not a scanned facsimile of a used book. It has not been “updated” or edited into modern English, punctuation or grammar, but is accurate to the author’s own style and usage. The text has been carefully proofread for accuracy and formatted for easier reading by today’s readers. Every effort has been made to prevent disordered text. 

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