From the Classroom to the Heart, Paul L. Kaufman

From the Classroom to the Heart, Paul L. Kaufman


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An Examination of the Doctrine of Entire Sanctification.

For several decades Paul L. Kaufman has taught college courses on theology. He has found that students reared in holiness churches show confusion as to what constitutes a sin, carnal trait or temptation, and they mistakenly think that somehow John Wesley invented the teachings of Christian perfection. 

In From the Classroom to the Heart he provides a historical overview of the various streams of religious teachings that shaped the theology of Wesley, from the ancient Church Fathers up to his own time. Then he addresses some of the erroneous views of sin that are circulating in contemporary preaching and teaching. He considers “sins of ignorance” and ethical decision-making before dealing with the differences between the two works of grace. He examines common carnal traits of the unsanctified and provides some instruction and illustrations to help readers deal with them. Employing First Thessalonians he directs the reader’s attention to biblical examples of the two steps involved in the process of entire sanctification. Along the way he considers aspects that trouble believers: the various “fillings” of the Holy Spirit that appear in both the Old and New Testaments, using Samson as an illustration; the three different kinds of fillings by the Spirit in Scripture; the various degrees of perfection found in the Bible; emotions and feelings, and the critical role they play in spiritual life; the road to maturity; current misconceptions about entire sanctification; what perfect love won’t and will do— all these important topics are analyzed and discussed. The book ends with specific counsel on how the child of God can find wonderful deliverance from the carnal mind. (Trade Paperback)


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