How Can You Be Sure?  By Mark Bird

How Can You Be Sure? By Mark Bird

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A "debate" between John Wesley and Charles Stanley. Compares and contrasts the positions of Wesley and Stanley about salvation, assurance and security. Although Stanley grew up with a Pentecostal Holiness background, he left Arminianism to embrace Calvinism and the doctrine of unconditional eternal security. Over the years he has built a reputation among some Wesleyans as being "almost holiness." Points out how the popular preacher has erroneously rationalized Bible passages in his attempt to reconcile conflicting concepts. Includes an appendix of scripture references on salvation and security, with extremely helpful notes clarifying doctrinal questions. Foreword by leading Wesleyan theologian Richard S. Taylor. (Note: It is not the policy of SPC to publish books that attack a particular man or his theology. However, the author makes it plain that Stanley is simply treated as representative of Calvinist doctrine, and always treats him with dignity and scholarly respect.) (#4839/144 Pages) Trade Paperback

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