Our continuing mission:

To ensure that the living doctrine of Perfect Love as taught by John Wesley and his spiritual heirs continues to have a clear, vibrant voice in the 21st Century.


For more than half a century Schmul Publishing Company has made it our objective to keep the message of Wesleyan Holiness alive and relevant. In 1953, HE Schmul launched this publishing house as a ministry to maintain Early Methodist and American Holiness masterpieces. Since that time SPC has become the world leader in publishing Wesleyan classics.

Even a quick glance will reveal that this is a significant collection of outstanding titles by monolithic authors: John Fletcher, Adam Clarke, Phoebe Palmer, Daniel Steele, Samuel Logan Brengle, Beverly Carradine, G. D. Watson, AM Hills, Bud Robinson and a host of their colleagues.

But we have not overlooked modern authors who also proclaim this glorious truth. Here you will find the recent and rising giants of our own day, in the mold of such authors as Richard Taylor, Charles Carter, Leo Cox, William Greathouse, Parker Maxey and too many more to list on this single page. These are powerful speakers and writers who unapologetically insist that the Wesleyan message of heart holiness is as relevant in our own time as it was on the Day of Pentecost.

And over the rolls of such titans looms the ever-colossal figure of John Wesley himself.

Other publishers produce stacks of books about John Wesley and his message. We prefer to let Wesley speak for himself. Nowhere else will you find the man speaking in his own voice in so many books.

Let me invite you to plunge headlong into this vast sea of refreshment for the spirit. Wesleyans have the answer to the ills of society: the love of God with all the heart, soul, mind and strength, and our neighbor as ourselves.

Here you will find sisters and brothers in the Lord to serve as spiritual mentors. We at Schmul Publishing Company are honored to introduce them to you…

D. Curtis Hale